The action girl from the city

It doesn’t take more than three hours to get from Skt. Annæ Street on Christianshavn to the outskirts of Besser on Samsø. But for 16-year-old Nanna Tengberg, the journey from home in Copenhagen to Samsø Efterskole (Afterschool– a boarding school for 14-15 year olds) has opened up a whole new world.

A dive out of laziness
At home in Copenhagen I was by no means a sporty girl. I was actually getting lazy. Like really teenage lazy,admits Nanna, who has just come ashore after a long diving trip. “But when I had to look into Efterskoler, I realised that I now had the chance to stir myself into action.

Nanna’s older sister had previously attended Samsø Efterskole, so it was obvious to look in that direction. But there were also plenty of other reasons for choosing Samsø. First and foremost the many cool course options appealed to me. I also think the school is a really good size, where you feel safe and comfortable. It is also quite nice to be far away from home and that there is a ferry journey between me and my parents,Nanna says with a big smile.

But Nanna has not been completely without her family because twin sister Sara also chose Samsø Efterskole. It’s been wonderful to be able to support each other. One goes through a lot during an Efterskole year and I have seen how my sister has developed an amazing independence and maturity,says Nanna.

New types
Maturity and courage have not escaped Nanna either. Already from day one at Efterskole she and the other students were plunged into deep water, at least socially speaking. One of the first things you do is to find your new room and new room-mate. It is quite overwhelming to step in and say hello to a girl you have never met before and in whose close proximity youll have to be for a whole year,explains Nanna.

And it’s not just one other young person to suddenly relate to but 155 boys and girls as well as all the teachers, cooks, office staff etc.. In a place like this, where there are young people from all over the country and from almost all walks of life, you meet many different types. Also some whom you might not usually seek out. It takes some energy at first, but over time I’ve found it much easier to get to know people and I’ve made some very strong friendships here at the school,Nanna says.

The fashion playground
It also requires courage to parachute jump, to dive and to go hunting. And it is precisely some of these disciplines Nanna has practised in what she herself describes as a fantastic playground. Samsø has plenty of coastline, good space, fantastic countryside and rich wildlife. And I enjoy the fact that the people over here are so nice.

Nanna has now left the Efterskole and new adventures can begin.

Last updated: 09/02/2021 09:34