Samsø for Adults, Tales of local commodities

The Taste of Samsø

With its many sunshine hours and mild coastal climate has Samsoe optimal conditionsfor the production of fruit and vegetables. It has for many years meant that the island’s farmers have been among the first in the country with new potatoes, but the island’sfarmers and food producers can much more than potatoes.

The green route
When you move around on Samsø, you will quickly notice the many road stalls that are everywhere on the island. From these stalls local farmers and hobby farmers sell seasonal fruit, vegetables, eggs etc.. And there is nothing better than to pick a tray of strawberries, toss the coin in the jam jar, roll back to the house or down at the beach and put taste the sweet berries. As fresh and local as it gets.

Freshly caught lunch
With its 120 kilometers of coastline, there is great opportunity to throw out the line after a couple of Kattegat fish. With a fishing license in hand and good patience there are plenty of outdoor experiences in store for both large and small. Sea trout, garfish and flounders are some of the fish you may be lucky to catch. You can see a list of Samsø’s fishing spots here.

Exciting specialties as souvenir
It’s always great to extend the taste of the holiday by taking fresh vegetables home, when the vacation is over. And why not delight your friends and family with the taste of Samsø on bottle or glass. Several places on the island, you can buy some of the exciting and tasty specialties that are the result of the diligent and innovative cultivation. Try for example a liqueur made ​​from local potatoes and figs, mustard made ​​of local mustard seeds, kiwi jam from Kolby or apple juice from Alstrup. There are many options that tastes like summer when autumn rain falls.

Samsø on the menu
The island’s many restaurants offer delicious food for both lunch and dinner. The short distance to the vegetables and freshly caught seafood makes a visit to one of the restaurants a delicious experience for the whole family.

Last updated: 26/08/2020 11:22