Legend of the trolls, Samsø´s History

Mythical Gold on St. Vorbjerg

Many of the myths of Samsø revolve around those from under the ground. It is told that those from St. Vorbjerg on Samsø air their chests of gold in the moonlit night. Be careful not to get too close to their gold:

“One night, when a man walked past St. Vorbjerg, he saw a bunch of small figures running around on top of the hill. He walked slowly towards them to see what they were doing and suddenly saw chests full of gold and silver coins. He would have done anything to own some of these shining coins, so when he saw his chance he flung his knife into one of the chests.

Quick as lightning, those from under the ground disappeared into the hill taking all their treasure chests with them, except for the one he had thrown his knife into. The man hurried to find a horse and carriage to bring the chest home. The trolls’ threats were no match for him, he thought, and he was confident those little people could not hurt him in any way. Alas, the next morning, he entered the barn to see that all his cattle were lying dead in their stalls.”

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