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Festival Debutants in Good Company

Samsø Festival is called the cosiest festival in Denmark, and with good reason. Every year, thousands of children, young people and adults come together to enjoy four days of music, being together, beach life, and sunshine.

Actually, Ida, Marie, Luna, Lasse, Anna, Daniel, Mia, Ida Iben, Sofie and Freja – or Camp Llama as they call themselves – chose Skanderborg Festival as the festival that for most would be their first, but now they are on Samsø, in the campsite that oozes the joys of youth; empty beer cans, a compact music system, camping chairs, rickety dome tents, and lots of good karma.

The group of friends, almost all of them students at Odder High School, have no doubt that Samsø Festival was the right decision. “Our parents think that it is both cool and safe for us to be here. After all, for most of us this is our first festival ever and therefore it is nice that it is small and very cosy,” Freja explains.

Stew and Safety
The grandfather of one of the girls lives on Samsø and every evening he happily serves a stew for the young people. “It’s really delicious”, one of the boys exclaims, and he is in no way bothered by “the old people” visiting them, on the contrary in fact. ”The good thing about this festival is that people talk to each other no matter how old or young they are”, he explains.

In fact, nobody from this camp feels their parents keeping a tight rein on them. ”Well, my mother texts me every day, but I haven’t really answered her yet”, one of the girls says in a carefree manner. Yes, there’s no doubt that the friends and their parents are comfortable with Camp Llama’s festivities.

Kissing in the Corners
While we are talking, the friends suddenly decide that it is time for beer bowling. Equipped with a ball, a handful of beer cans, and some complicated and very elastic rules, they set off yelling while downing several lukewarm beers.

This game has been a frequently returning activity in the camp, but they have also found time for a few concerts. ”We have had a great time in our own and in other camps, and, of course, we have listened to music with Ida Corr, NOAH, Scarlet Pleasure, L.O.C., Gnags, and Djämes Braun,” Freja explains.

When asked if romance has found its way to the camp, loud laughter is followed by a self-explaining ”weeell, we certainly have exchanged a kiss or two”.

Between kissing, music, beer bowling, and the friendly atmosphere of just being together in the camp, the friends have also found time to swim at the beach located only a few meters from the large festival stage.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Camp Llama fi nds their way to Samsø Festival next year?

Last updated: 11/08/2020 15:38