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Samsø Syltefabrik (Samsø Pickle Factory)

For almost 50 years, Samsø Syltefabrik (also known as “Trolleborg in Permelille”) has put Samsø in a glass jar. Thus, they have helped ensure that you can find the best pickled products on the shelves in your local grocery store as well as the professional culinary industry.

Samsø Syltefabrik is the last Danish owned factory producing pickled products. Samsø Syltefabrik is owned by ErhvervsInvest.

Samsø Syltefabrik pickles sliced cucumbers, gherkins, pumpkins, beets and red cabbage. The pickled products are found in both organic and conventional variants and as sugar-free products. At the factory, they also produce peeled potatoes, jam, mustard and ketchup.

A large part of Samsø Syltefabrik’s produce is harvested on Samsø. If the produce cannot be found on Samsø, it is imported from outside the island.

Throughout the season, from April to February, 40-60 employers help make sure that Danish consumers get pickled products of a high quality.

These products from Samsø can be found in any of the leading Danish grocery stores but is sometimes “disguised” as the store’s own brand. Ask in the store if the product is from Samsø and bring home the best taste – even after your vacation is long over.

A majority of pickled products used in the Danish professional culinary industry is produced at Samsø Syltefabrik.

Last updated: 12/08/2020 13:22