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One-day trip by bike

Here is a proposal for a bike ride that goes from the ferry port in Sælvig across the north island, out to the fjord, across the middle island and back to the ferry. The route is approx. 53 kilometers.

From Sælvig over Stauns to Kanhave
From the harbor in Sælvig, you cycle north along the cycle path. For the next three kilometers you can enjoy the smell of the sea on your left. There are quite a few table-bench sets along the bay, so you can take a rest and a cup of coffee.

At Sælvigbugtens Camping, turn right towards Stauns. Now follows a beautiful stretch with the bay at your back and the fjord in sight. When you enter the cozy little village, you follow the road to the right. After 150 meters you will see a sign on your left that says “Public path”. The path leads down to the picturesque dinghy harbour, from where you have a nice view over a large part of the fjord with  Hjortholm on the right and Sværm on the left.

Back at the small street corner in Stauns, drive north along Fjordvejen until you reach the Kanhavekanalen – the island’s narrowest point. The canal appears today as a depression in the landscape, but back in 726, when the Vikings dug the canal, the water level was so much higher that Viking boats could be towed from east to west.

From Kanhave over Ballebjerg to Nordby
The canal is also the “border” between the south of Samsø and tue north part of the island. Follow the cycle path north along Havvejen through Nordby Hede to Mårup, where you will find a small handful of specialist shops, a couple of cafes and a convenience store.

From Mårup you continue the rest of the way to Nordby. On the tour, you will notice the large medieval church on the left, as well as a brightly colored ice house and beautiful fields with the sea in the background.

Before you succumb to the temptation to go exploring in Nordby, you should take a trip to Samsø’s highest point, Ballebjerg. From the hill, which rises 64 meters above sea level, you have a beautiful view over the countryside to Tunø and all the way to Aarhus.

Back in Nordby, you can enjoy lunch at one of the city’s eateries before exploring the crooked streets with idyllic half-timbered houses, city wells, the city pond and the clock tower. Nordby is also a good place to shop for souvenirs, delicacies, arts and crafts.

From Nordby to Langøre
The trip now goes south again. Follow the cycle path right from the edge of Nordby until you reach the place where you can turn left towards Langøre. Soon you can see the beautiful Langøre Church, from which there is a sea view on three sides. Make a stop at Samsø Nature School and walk along the path to the left of it up to the hill “Grønhøj”, where you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of Stauns Fjord. From the hill you can also see Besser Rev and the entrenchments from the War of England.

In Langøre, you can take a break with a cup of coffee and an ice cream before continuing your trip south.

From Langøre over Toftebjerg and Alstrup to Besser
From Langøre you follow Kanhavevejen and then Havvejen south until you reach the sign for Toftebjerg, where you turn off. If you have time, you can climb the hill “Store Vorbjerg” before cycling along the winding country road to Toftebjerg. In Toftebjerg there are, among other things, an organic apple orchard, a small concert venue and a bicycle shop.

The stretch between Toftebjerg and Alstrup is characterized by lots of exciting fields, including the island’s largest vineyard, which you can take a closer look at when there is an open house. You also pass an organic farm with a large selection of vegetables.

From Alstrup you cycle south to Besser along Alstrupvej. When you enter the village, the first thing you will see is the beautiful old parsonage on your left. At the t-junction you turn left into the city, and you can advantageously leave the bike at the old grocery store. There is now time to explore the village’s streets, lookout towers and cozy houses. In Besser you will also find a few small shops and cafes.

From Besser over Østerby, Torup and Onsbjerg to Sælvig Harbour
When the stay in Besser is over, the trip goes along Søholmvej to Østerby. Drive straight out along Bøgebjergvej when you have entered the city and turn left when you reach Egevej. That way, you make a circle and get to see the small village.

At the end of Egevej, turn south onto Torup Møllevej, which you follow all the way to Torup. In Torup, turn left onto Skottensbjerg, which road name changes to Vadstrup when you reach the beautiful hotel “Vadstrup 1771”. Continue up the small hill until you reach Onsbjerg.

A little way into Onsbjerg, take Østervangen to the right almost to the end, where you turn left onto Doktorgyden. Soon you are on Stadionsvej, where you have to turn right by the sports field on your left. If you have time to spare, you can take a trip around Onsbjerg, which was the island’s most important city and capital until the mid-1800s. In the city there are i.a. a beautiful church.

When you have passed the sports field, you take the cycle path all the way to Sælvig Harbour, where it is now time to take the ferry back to Aarhus.

Have a lovely trip!

Digital synliggørelse af ruter på Samsø er støttet af Friluftsrådet med Udlodningsmidler til Friluftsliv.

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