Transport to and on Samsø

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    Ferry to Samsø
    Sail to Samsø from Jutland or Zealand. The ferry takes you to familiar surr
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    Samsø's marinas
    Bring your own boat to Samsø and stay in one of Samsøs marinas. Yachting ho
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    Rent a bike
    With its varied scenery, many villages and short distances, the island is p
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    Bus to and from Samsø
    It is possible to take the bus called “Telebus” on Samsø and take the bus t
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    Car rental
    Rent an electric car on Samsø and explore the island. The cars can be found
  • Tog Sjælland
    Train to Samsø
    Take the train to Samsø From Copenhagen to the Samsø you may want to take t
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The quiet motion on the water, the friendly nod to someone else, a cold beer on the sun deck and a look to the Samsø, coming nearer and nearer – It is on the ferry, your holiday begins.

Out of everyday life – on board the ferry
When you drive or walk aboard one of the ferries to the Samsø, you automatically let go of everyday speed and turmoil. The trip is exactly so long that you can manage to forget jobs, bills and window washing and look forward to what you are approaching. If you can drag the kids from the playroom, then take them up on the sun deck with binoculars. Before you know it, you are on Samsø.

Welcome to Samsø
On Samsø each kilometer is short, and the distance from north to south is only 28 kilometers. But the space is well used and there are lots of exciting roads you can move about on, whether you are in car, on bicycle or walking. When you leave the ferry terminal, Samsø spreads it’s roads in to an idyllic web of winding country roads, which binds the 22 villages together. The short distances between each attraction makes Samsø an excellent cycling destination, and the few places where the bike can not come, is better experienced by foot anyway.

Samsø by car
The main road on Samsø stretches from Nordby in the north to Kolby Kås in south, and will take you through the villages Mårup, Onsbjerg and Tranebjerg. Everywhere on the island, it is recommended to be careful with the speed. The animals are not aware of the traffic rules and are therefore often hit by cars. At the Visitor Center in Tranebjerg, VisitSamsø, you can get a map of Samsø with a separate city map of Nordby and Tranebjerg. You can also find the map of Samsø here.