Besser Reef

  • Besser Rev på Samsø

A few kilometres northeast of Besser you find a 5 km long overseas reef, bounding Stauns Fjord and an extraordinary bird’s territory. With suitable shoes, you can hike to the tip of the reef and make a stopover at Hønsepold, from where you have a great overview of the fjord. Farther out along the reef you find an entrenchment from the wars with England (1801-1814). From here can see the strong currant water to Kyholm. Remember that in the beginning of the reef you have to cross Draget, from where there is a risk of flooding during high tide.

Caution! There is no trespassing on Besser Rev during the bird-breeding season from 1 April to 15 July

Last updated: 23. Nov. 2015 15:50


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