Samsø´s History

Important events on Samsø from the year 726 until today

726 Kanhavekanalen is established

1184 King Canute VI holds a large “Noble Convention” on Samsø

1215 King Valdemar hold herreddag ​​on Samso

1289 Marsk Stig destroys a castle on Samsø

1449 Christian I bestows queen Dorethea Samsø as jointure

1546 Revenues from Samsøs is given to the imprisoned King Christian II for his subsistence on Sønderborg Castle

1661 Joachim Gersdorff get Samsø as compensation for the estates he lost in Scania as a result of the war with Sweden

1674 Peder Griffenfeld buys the island and calls himself Count to Samsø

1676 Griffenfeld falls out of favor, and the king takes over Samsø

1676 Christian V entrusts the island to Sophie Amalie Moth, who are exalted to countess of Samsø

1725-28 Count Danneskiold-Samsoe builds five schools on Samsø

1801 Kyholm, Lilleøre and Besser Rev are entrenched

1831 Quarantine Station at Kyholm is established

1844 Købmandsgården in Ballen established

1866 Nordby Moor planted

1870 Brattingsborg Castle built

1878 Daily postal service between the north and south island is established

1879 Holger Drachmann and wife are visiting Samsø (the first tourists on the island)

1884 Kolby Kaas port inaugurated

1894 Samsø Bank (now Jyske Bank) is founded

1900 Samsø get phone connection to the mainland

1904 Ørby church is built

1917 Samsø Museum inaugurated

1919 The hospital on Samsø is inaugurated (36 beds)

1927 Samsø Tourist Association is founded

1929 Stavns Fjord become wildlife sanctuary

1929 Topping Out Ceremony at Ballen slaughterhouse

1931 Samsø Bad (now Walters Hvile) built

1932 Tourist Office founded

1934 Samsø rescue teams created

1936 The first passenger route between Hov and Sælvig

1943 American “flying fortress” crashes in Alstrup

1948 Preservation of the Issehoved-landscape

1964 Samsø Tourist Office gets daily manager

1960 Samsø Cannery is established

1961 New sea route between Mårup and Hov

1962 Samsøs five parishes merged into Samsø Municipality

1962 Approval of own airfield

1964 Samsø get AC

1967 The ferry route between Sælvig – Hov is active year round

1967 The country’s first tourist newspaper is published by Samsø Tourism Board

1970 Samsø Tourist Office gets its own premises

1975 Samsø School is established

1984 Samsø Folkehøjskole starts

1989 The first Samsø Festival

1993 The golf course is inaugurated

1994 Brundby Dairy, the last on Samsø, is closed

1997 Samsø is appointed Energy Island

1999 The slaughterhouse in Ballen closes

1999 Pumpkin production starts

2000 Samsø Labyrinth established

2002 Samsø Hospital threatened with closure, but survives

2003 Samsø Offshore Wind inaugurated

2004 Samsø Development Office – Business and Settlement opens

2006 Health Center opens

2007 Opening of Samsø Energy Academy

2008 Denmark’s smallest pedestrian street inaugurated in Tranebjerg

2008 Archaeological investigations of Samsø’s five medieval castles started

2008 Samsøtrafikken (new ferry) takes over the ferry service to Jutland

2009 Opening of a new care center

2009 Samsø holds its first marathon

2010 Restoration of the Rose House (Old Town Hall)

2010 Danish Royal Couple visiting Samsø

2010 Samsø Commerce and Tourist Center / VisitSamsø created

2011 Excavations at Hjortholm

2012 The municipality has 50 years anniversary

2012 Viking ship Sea Stallion visiting the island of Samsø’s first Viking festival

2013 Denmark’s largest electric car day held at the Samsø Energy Academy

2015 The Dutch royal couple and the Danish royal couple visiting Samsø

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