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Sunshine in the School Curriculum

Laden with diving equipment, an entire plane, 160 youngsters and 25 adults, a hotel in the warm southern climes and bags of energy. That sounds like the recipe for Samsø Efterskole’s annual trip abroad. A trip where students and staff swap the schoolyard for a Mediterranean beach for a week.

The warmth lengthens the season
The students at Samsø Efterskole can choose from nearly forty subjects ranging from falconry to parachuting to diving to golf. The school thinks it’s important to give the students good experiences, education and trips so that they are prepared for an active adult life. As the school’s principal, Lasse Ovesen, explains “After all, our slogan is “In water, on land and in the air”.

“While most schools go on ski trips or visit cities, our students travel to warmer climes”. Lasse points out “We have our trips in March each year and it’s just nicer to surf, dive, sail, go kayaking and play golf in Malta or Turkey rather than Denmark. So the trip helps to extend the season for the activities we have at the school.”

From morning to night
Seventeen year old Anders says “The trip also gives us a chance to try out new things, things that we can’t do here on Samsø. For example, we have been wreck-diving and visited a naval museum.”

The trip is not just about physical activities. Lasse explains “We always choose a destination where we can have good cultural and historical experiences. Amongst other things, we’ve seen knights’ castles on Malta and seen the old aqueducts in Turkey. And we’ve spoken to an imam at a mosque, learned belly dancing and much more!”

Each day the students are briefed on a large range of activities which last from morning to evening. Sixteen year old Josefine tells us : “Breakfast is served at 7am and on most days we aren’t back at the hotel until evening. It’s great to have time to follow your chosen subject in a different way”. She also stresses that she really enjoys the part of the trip when she’s hanging out with her friends.

Never far from a hug.
The social aspect is an important part of the Efterskole experience and the students are used to being together both during the day and in the evening. But the trip abroad is something special. As 16 year old Sofie says, “It’s an education to travel with so many others – something very different from an family trip. Even though we are taught each day, there’s still time to hang out by the pool, go shopping and eat out.” Lasse explains, “There is a kind of responsible freedom, as the students always go out in threes. At the hotel they are never far from one of the adults and the adults watch out for them – always ready with an extra hug if it’s needed.”

Sofie, Josefine and Anders are all second year students and they can look forward to another trip abroad in March. They all agree that they’d rather go south than go on a ski trip or city visit.

Last updated: 11/08/2020 14:09