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Global Outlook

In 2000, two friends established what was to become the most high-tech business on Samsø. Today, their revenue has gone through the roof with customers around the world.

Innovation in the Backroom
In those days, around 15 years ago, loupe glasses for surgeons and dentists were rarely used in Europe. “There were only a few models on the market and we be­lieved we could improve them”, says Kim Jensen. Those humble beginnings were in the backroom of his optician’s shop in Tranebjerg. Together with Jørn Rørvig, who had many years of experience being a supplier to the dental industry, he bought a couple of models, took them apart and studied the technology. “Everything was pretty low key until we contacted some lens experts that had helped develop NA­SA’s Hubble telescope – this was when things started picking up”, says Kim.

Professional Excitement
These loupe glasses, that are 100% cus­tomised, was a ground-breaking invention in 2002. Now, 13 years later, the compa­ny exports to 27 different countries all over the world and has a strong market position, though the company still wants to grow and improve its global position. Besides function, ExamVision focuses on aesthetics, design and comfort. “We constantly look to optimise and improve our products. We visit our vendors to make sure that the focus on the custom­er’s needs are just as central at the point of sale as in the production. And we never compromise”, says Kim. That this busi­ness model clearly works is reflected in the three Red Dot Design Awards and four Gazelle Awards that ExamVision has won through the years.

A Focus on Samsø
When the owners and employees of Ex­amVision meet people from all over the world, they take great joy in telling them that their business is located on a small is­land in Denmark. “Our value is connect­ed to Samsø and we indirectly use the is­land as a mark of quality. Our employees’ wellbeing is important to us, and in that respect, we really appreciate the island’s stunning scenery and the lack of morning traffic”, says a smiling Kim.

  • ExamVision has won three Red Dot Design Awards for its focus on the inter­play of sublime technique and aesthetics.
  • ExamVision won the Gazelle awarded by the Danish business newspaper “Børsen” in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011.
  • It takes around five weeks to produce a pair of loupe glasses from the first mea­surements to the final customisation.
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