Legend of the trolls, Samsø´s History

The Myth about the Farm Labourer from Bishøj

Those from under the ground can live in many places, but Morten Kusk who knew a thing or two about them was sure that some resided in the hill of Bishøj on a field south of Østerby. Morten Kusk tells a story about a farm labourer that once rode some horses to the enclosure in Lunden, near Bishøj, where they would stay overnight: “When he came to the gate leading into Lunden, he met a little old man that told him that if he left the gate open for three nights in a row the old man would give him a new finely knitted shirt.

The farm labourer promised the old man he would do this and left the gate open the first and second night, but the third he thought to himself: ‘Well, it is probably not going to matter, I will never get that shirt anyway’, and closed the gate. When he came back the next morning, there was a finely knitted shirt hanging on the gate, but alas, it had one sleeve missing, and he was never to find a higher quality shirt on the whole island again.

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