Samsø - My Island

Princess Sparkle

A few months ago, the red carpet was once again rolled out. Her Royal Highness Princess Isabella and her mom, her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary, came to Samsø to christen the island’s new ferry. This was Princess Isabella’s first official duty and the eight-year-old impressed everyone with her energy, good spirit and curiosity.

After the christening in Sælvig, the royal guests visited Samsø Bær (Samsø Berries) and Sweet Samsø that produce jam and bonbons respectively. The princesses spent a few lovely hours picking a lot of sweet Samsø strawberries.

At the Samsø Naturskole (Samsø Nature School) in Langør, the instructor Bjarne Manstrup stood waiting with two pairs of waders that mom and daughter elegantly put on. In the water, aquatic fauna was observed with water-scopes and a trap was emptied for shrimp, crab and small fish.

Back on land, Princess Isabella greeted some special guests from Falkecenter Samsø (Falcon Centre Samsø), the eagle-owl “Tykke Berta” (Big Berta) and the two week old baby Russian steppe eagle that was named Isabella after permission was granted from the princess. With a large amount of courage and the energy to smile, the eight year-old took both birds in her arms. If she had been allowed she would probably have taken the baby eagle with her into the royal car so that they together could have digested the many experiences of the day along with the many trays of strawberries.

Last updated: 12/08/2020 13:40