Samsø - My Island

With Closed Eyes

Most of us look forward to that part of our holiday where we are lying on our backs doing nothing. The afterdinner nap that feels like sheer luxury or the undisturbed night’s sleep in absolute peace and quiet without a raging alarm clock on the bedside table.

With an Unfamiliar Pillow
It can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep when staying at a new place. The bed is unfamiliar, the duvet cover smells different. Sounds are new and strange. Even the dark is different. When we sleep in places unfamiliar to us, our brain is encoded to protect us against unknown dangers, which is what usually makes the first night difficult. However, what in a scientific term is called “first-night-effect”, this can be eliminated with a few simple tricks which will help you have you a better first night at a hotel, in a holiday cottage or wherever you may have taken lodgings.

In the USA there is a hotel where you’ll find an actual sleep-concierge to help the guests get the best possible sleep experience, and from her we have been given the following helpful advice: Make your room look like the surroundings of your own home, with a photo of your family on the night table, comfortable socks, a traveller’s pillow and other familiar things like this that may help you relax more easily.

Get Control of Excessive Thoughts
If you start your holiday with your head full of thoughts, job assignments and deadlines, it may be difficult to gear down fast. One way of doing this is by ensuring an unbroken period of a deep and long sleep. Albert Gjedde, a brain researcher at the University of Copenhagen, emphasises the importance of giving your head extended periods of peace and relaxation: ”It is good for the brain to have no deadlines to comply with and to have longer periods of sleep and do away with excessive thoughts. It also benefits your memory,” he explains.

La Siesta Perfecta
When we are on holiday, we have a unique chance to get into a different rhythm than the one we follow in daily life. Examinations indicate that people who take a nap around lunch time when there is a natural dive in our circadiam rhythm, are, in general, more productive and can even experience a lower occurrence of dangerous heart diseases. A siesta is a good investment, so while you are on holiday, just throw yourself into a hammock after a good lunch.

Let Darkness Embrace You
In the northernmost and southernmost parts of Samsø you will meet a kind of darkness you’re unlikely to find in very many other places in Denmark. Here you are so far away from big cities and other sources of light pollution that you may meet total darkness, which, in itself, is an attraction. So if you can let go of the very often overwhelming starry sky, then go to bed and enjoy the darkness. Under the blanket you will also quickly notice the sound of silence, because Samsø is truly silent. No noise from motorways or rumbling trains. Only the sound of the nature, of the wind and the sea.

A Good Sleep is just Around the Corner
On Samsø, we have more than 40 places for overnight stays ranging from luxury hotels with sea views to shelters in the wilderness. We also have Bed and Breakfast, cabins, camping sites, holiday apartments, holiday cottages, holiday centres, boarding houses and individual rooms. It is a good idea to book your overnight stay as early as possible – especially if you visit Samsø during the peak season. Visit to find a many different facilities for overnight stays.

Finally we want to wish you good night and sweet dreams!

Last updated: 12/08/2020 09:45