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Late Summer Outing in Estate Agent Weather

The annual outing for a large number of East Jutland EDC estate agents with their families took them to Samsø for a sunshine weekend in September. It was a day with lots of adventure and high spirits.

On Saturday 10th of September, a group of 60 people travelled by bus to Samsø to enjoy the island and a weekend in each other’s company. The participants were EDC estate agents and their families, enjoying the company’s annual summer outing, which takes place every year somewhere in East Jutland. It was the kind of weather that estate agents are very fond of – and most other people, too! Bright sunshine, temperatures around 25 degrees and a light breeze – in short, real Samsø weather!

”The island really sold itself in such weather. We couldn’t have planned that better,” Peter Lund tells us with a smile. He is an estate agent at EDC on Samsø and he was the lucky person who was given the task to organise the outing.

Local Brew and a Cold Dive
When the bus arrived at Samsø, it drove northwards after taking a short tour in Tranebjerg. The group had a fantastic view on the northernmost point of Samsø, before taking a short walk in the hills near Issehoved. They then returned to Nordby where the local brewery served a substantial lunch after a short tour in the beautiful village.

After lunch, they drove to Langør Harbour to Samsø Bær, located on the outskirts of Besser. There was a guided tour here, lots of interesting stories and, of course, many samples to savour. The afternoon was rounded off with a brief dive at Ballen for those who were up to it. Then, via Brundby, Ørby and Brattingborg, they drove to their final destination, Camping of Feriecenter Samsø, where they enjoyed a dinner and stayed overnight. Sunday offered a quiet after-party morning and continued with the good weather.

Peter looks back on the outing with enthusiasm, and he is not the only one: ”Most of the participants had never visited Samsø before and they found it simply idyllic. It’s evident that the weather is very important for such a day, but the beautiful nature and the kind people will always be here – whatever the weather”

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