Samsø for Adults, The Taste of Samsø

New Potatoes from Samsø

New potatoes is small pieces of heaven

The first potatoes are harvested from the soil of Samsø every May. This time of year is always hectic as the potato farmers compete to be the first to sell their tasty nuggets of gold.
The Samsø new potatoes are almost addictive and are known for their quality.

A sense of the Samsø new potatoes

Potato farming is quite a science on Samsø. First of all, the potatoes have to be sown at exactly the right time, which requires vast experience and knowledge, as the slightest frost will destroy the crops. Some of the farmers have developed a sixth sense for the exact time to sow. Tips and experiences are often exchanged and they avidly follow the latest developments in farming methods. Every year new species of potatoes are produced but only the best go on to become Samsø potatoes.

“Spise med Price” (“Eating with Price”)

In 2010, conductor and TV-chef James Price had the honour of receiving the first Samsø potatoes of the year. He and his brother Adam host one of the most watched cooking shows in Denmark. The popular brothers combine modern and classical dishes – served with a large amount of wit… and, of course, with plenty of butter!

In 2013, the year’s first Samsø new potatoes was delivered to the restaurant Alberto K, which is located on the 20th floor of the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.

Tips for cooking Samsø new potatoes

  • The lightly salted water should be boiling when the potatoes are placed in
  • Cooking time depends on the size of the potato (7-8 cm new potatoes should be boiled for around 10-12 minutes)
  • Let the potatoes cool down a bit before serving them.

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