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Since the start of the 20th century when the first new potatoes found their way onto the nation’s dinner plates, Samsø has been renowned for quality produce and innovative food production techniques. Unsurprisingly, some visionary islanders had the idea of celebrating the island’s produce with a festival back in 2004 – long before others had thought of it.

Pride on the menu
Samsø is called the kitchen garden of Denmark with good reason. For over 100 years, the island’s farmers have refined the production of many kinds of fruit, vegetables and berries. At the same time, the island benefits from a climate with plenty of sun and very little frost.

Lately, the number of smaller food producers has risen. At the same time, the quality of restaurant meals has improved. And what’s almost more important – the cooperation between food producers and chefs has become closer, so that the farmers’ pride in their produce becomes present in the kitchens, ultimately making itself felt in the mouths of the restaurant guests.

An island of taste
Quality, pride, food culture and tastes of the future are some of the keywords for the Samsø Produce Festival, held each year in mid-June. This is precisely the time of year when we can sample some of the tastiest produce which the kitchen garden of Denmark can muster; new potatoes, baby onions, juicy asparagus, sweet peas and sun-kissed strawberries. This is reason enough, in itself, for joy and celebration.

During this festival weekend you can meet the farmers, as well as the producers and chefs with time to talk, generously providing tastings and samples. If you fancy doing some cooking yourself, there are plenty of workshops, courses and talks, for both young and old foodies.

Shall we dance?
Samsø Produce Festival also hosts the most wonderful communal meal of the summer. Here, islanders and visitors can enjoy an evening of good food, dancing and fellowship as well as a colourful tradition called the ‘Samsø tug-of-war championship’.

• Samsø Produce Festival 2019 takes place on 15 and 16 June in Tranebjerg.
• See more at www.samsoraavarefestival.dk.

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