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A small fresh fish in clean as well as dirty water

Samsø business, Acowa has specialised in delivering intelligent water surveillance services to utility providers.

To Acowa, water is the foundation of the budding business that the company is developing on Samsø.

In short, Acowa develops different instruments and PC applications that monitor the water, both the clean water coming out of the taps from the waterworks as well as the dirty water returning as sewage. By monitoring the water, the Acowa products enable a more intelligent and energy efficient transport of the water from A to B. As well as saving money, the environment benefits too, which is very popular amongst the municipal utility companies around the country. In a market dominated by Grundfos, the small business from Samsø is doing very well.

“We’re a rather small business but I believe our customers are quite pleased with that. Phoning us you don’t get an automated voice saying ‘you’re now queuing as number .. 10’. It’s either Jakob or myself answering the phone,” explains Lindy, development engineer with many years of experience in the water and sewage industry.

The advantages of Samsø
Lindy Larsen founded Acowa on Samsø in 2015. He had already lived on the island for 12 years and it felt natural to base the business on the island too. The location in the middle of the sea isn’t proving a problem, he believes:

“All our work is conducted from a PC and the finished product is a file we can send across to our sister company in Roskilde. I believe it’s a great advantage that we all know each other on Samsø. If we’re short of a fuse or a cable we know we can simply call Brian and he’ll pop by with it”.

“Samsø is also a good place to test our technology. There’s no water running in from neighbouring municipalities to disrupt. As a result we can make quite accurate readings,” adds Jakob Hvitnov, also a development engineer, who joined Acowa in 2017.

Samsø also provides a great icebreaker when establishing contact with new customers, Jakob believes: “Our customers always want to talk about Samsø. Probably because most people know Samsø and have a positive relationship with the island.”

• Acowa produce intelligent water management solutions. The business headquarters is on Samsø, where the products are developed. The distribution is handled by a sister company in Roskilde.
• Acowa’s bestselling product is a control system named Spider, which can monitor the water in, for example, pumping stations and ensure that the water is optimally managed, both economically and environmentally.
• Besides the Spider, Acowa has a host of other instruments with animal names such as Turtle, Frog and Gekko in its product catalogue.

Last updated: 12/08/2020 09:38