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When Camping Becomes a Life Style

“It creates good energy when guests arrive happy and with high expectations for their holiday. When they leave again still happy and content, we know that we and Samsø have done a good job. It is as simple as that!”

Cosiness Enthroned
The chances for Kim Laugesen and Charlotte Villadsen to become host and hostess of a camping site on Samsø were not good. But when Kim’s mother, who had run the site for 27 years, broke her arm, fate would have it otherwise. “We offered our assistance, but she managed to talk us into one whole test year. One year followed another, and now we have been here for 20 years, although Kim, who literally grew up on the camping site, had declared when he was very young that all this camping business was over and done with. But Margit was right. There has been no regret,” Charlotte says.

Over the years, Charlotte and Kim have developed the site to modern standards, but, at the same time, to preserve the intimacy that is so important. “We have developed the site in the spirit that people should have a chance to get close to nature and have time for each other, almost undisturbed. According to our wish to renovate and add new buildings to the site, we have made an effort to be both trendy and a bit old-fashioned in the cosy way. So the idea of a natural camping site with good facilities has not been altogether wrong”, Kim explains.

Closeness to Happy Guests
Twenty years of experience have given Charlotte and Kim peace and energy to provide personal services as camping hosts. “Hopefully, our guests can feel it. Anyway, we have many loyal guests who have been using the site for up to three generations. When they come here as our guests, we hope that they will feel free and relaxed. It has almost become a cliché, but closeness to each other and to nature is something we are trying to pass on to our guests. People don’t have to be in time for anything here. Except perhaps for an evening with a bonfire on the beach”, Charlotte says.

For one week per year, Ballen Strandcamping puts on party clothes when Samsø Festival is taking place. “The camping site fills with happy festival guests. It is very nice and we try to keep up as well as we can. Most guests have found out that this week is no ordinary week, and if they want total peace and quiet, they will have to go to one of the other camping sites on Samsø this week. Incidentally, Kim’s mother took part in starting the festival, so we really fancy the 29th week of the year”, Kim explains.

At Your Service
Every year, Ballen Strandcamping accommodates different groups which Charlotte and Kim enjoy very much. “It is fun when we can help customers plan their stay, and usually most of it is possible. The largest group we have accommodated was a summer camp of about 250 people who lived in tents for one whole week and prepared their meals on a bonfire. Another time, there was a group with a special interest in old electric cars (Ellerter) produced in Denmark. Some of them came all the way from Germany and it had taken them three days to go up here because the cars needed constant recharging”, Charlotte explains. Another hit on the site is the comfortable cabins which are largely rented out from spring until late summer. “After we got the cheap ferry fares, we have seen more guests during the early and late season. That’s nice because it means that even more people get to know our island”, Charlotte explains with a last remark.

Samsø has three other great camping sites besides Ballen Strandcamping

Sælvigbugtens Camping
Family camping site focusing on nature, located
in the middle of the island facing Sælvigbugten

Camping og Feriecenter Samsø
Offers a lot of activities and various accommodation
options for the whole family

Klitgård Camping
Located right next to the beach on the
northeast side of Samsø at Nordby Bakker

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