Energy Island, Samsø for Adults

20 Years as Denmark’s Renewable Energy Island

This is the story about a local island community that has implemented a green reorganisation by acting together and is now heading for new sustainable goals.

In 1997, Samsø was appointed Denmark’s Renewable Energy Island. This appointment was followed by a concrete assignment to prepare a 10-year energy plan for the island, for the purpose of inducing Samsø to modify its energy supply from fossil energy to renewable energy. It is widely known that the project was a success. In 2007, Samsø’s inhabitants were able to declare their island 100% energy self-sufficient based on wind, solar and biomass energy; an achievement that was largely due to wide support and investments. For instance, a great number of Samsø’s inhabitants have replaced their oil-burners and have insulated their houses, and joint local forces support the island’s district heating plant.

The reorganisation of the island did not stop here. Instead of merely being content with these fulfilled goals, Samsø set new targets for the island to further develop the tailwind generated by the windmills.

In 2007, Samsø Energy Academy was opened. This academy functions as a professional and popular meeting place for partnerships of small and large energy projects on Samsø, and it attracts thousands of professionals and tourists to the island annually. One of the key projects right now is a plan to make Samsø completely independent of fossil fuels before 2030. This project includes goals for the reduction of local electricity and heat consumption and for all transport on, to and from the island to take place with electricity or bio fuel as propellants.

Last updated: 26/08/2020 11:20