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Spring Fever Horsepower on Samsø

There were plenty of roaring engines and flickering hair in the wind, when 71 cool Corvettes from all parts of Denmark met for spring muster on Samsø.

With more than 700 members, Club Corvette Denmark is one of the country’s biggest automobile clubs, carrying out annual traditions with rallies both in spring and autumn in opposite sides of the country. This year they gathered on Samsø – right in the middle of the country, and according to Gert Holdt Andersen, president of the club, this is exactly one of the strongest features of this spring rally: ”In many ways Samsø is an optimal place to arrange a rally as it appeals to members from both the east and the west. And in addition, the island offers some really interesting options for overnight stays and events”.

The small group in charge of the arrangement, who had done some research in advance on the island, had expected between 20 and 30 cars to participate, so they were both happy and surprised when it was more than doubled. ”A certain amount of co-ordination is of course necessary as we take up a good deal of space when we are driving around”, Gert explains.

In practical terms this meant that the cars were divided into smaller groups, which would drive together to the places planned for their visits. Finally, they gathered at the harbour in Ballen where members of the club, inhabitants of Samsø, and holiday makers had the chance to study the impressive American cars and have a chat about them.

Gert himself fell in love with a C3-model six years ago, and just like the other members of the club, he is happy to share his expertise and enthusiasm for the car. ”They are real sports cars from the US. Cars with proper engines, and made of fi breglass so they don’t rust. I am certain this brand is becoming more popular in Denmark, probably with some help from racing driver Jan Magnussen, who drives a Corvette”.

Gert also has a bunch of roses for the inhabitants of Samsø. ”It has simply been so nice to plan this rally. We have managed to accommodate everybody in and around Ballen, which makes it easy for us to get together for joint activities, dinners, and parties. And what’s more, the inhabitants of Samsø are well-behaved people who don’t tamper with the cars. That’s exactly what fussy car nerds like us like very much”, Gert says as a last remark.

Last updated: 26/08/2020 11:19