The perfect place to fish in the heart of Denmark

By Gordon P. Henriksen

Samsø is a place you dream of coming back to again and again for fishing. The island in the heart of it all has so much to offer. It’s the mischievous mullets you encounter in Stauns Fjord. It’s the garfish off Issehoved and the shoals of sea trout passing by Vesborg Lighthouse on the island’s south coast.

However, it’s not just the fabulous fishing often calling me back to Samsø to fish – it is the whole island atmosphere. The people, island life, the vegetables, the food, the hygge and, above all, nature.

The coastal fishing spots vary greatly, offering everything from large rocks and seaweed to rocky reefs and a fjord with several promising bays. There are always new places and fishing spots to explore and I’m already looking forward to the next time I have to get into my waders and make the beautiful walk from the small car park down to the inviting stretch of coast at Møgelskår.

And then I look forward to all the places I have not discovered at all yet.

Yes, Samsø is, without a doubt, a gem of a place for fishing in the heart of it all.


One can safely say that Gordon P. Henriksen’s life is all at sea. He is Denmark’s most famous angler and his angling career includes a sea of ​​radio and TV programmes, YouTube series, lectures, events and articles which have inspired many to get out into the Danish nature wielding a fishing rod.

Gordon has recently published the critically acclaimed book: “A Life In Fish”. The book is not about how to catch fish but more about why we catch them; adventures, experiences, communities, challenges, friendships, mental health and time for peace and contemplation. And not least about the opportunity to bring home the freshest, most delicious produce to the dining table. The book includes inspiration for fishing adventures around Denmark as well as many wonderful recipes which can be made on fishing trips or back home in the kitchen.

Most of the recipes are Gordon’s, but several of his fishing buddies, including chefs Simon Jul, Thomas Rode and Francis Cardenau, also chip in with their delicacies. With Columbus Leth’s many beautiful and inspiring photos, the book is a tribute to angling life and all it has to offer – whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner.


You can buy “A Life In Fish” at the Tourist Information in Tranebjerg.

Last updated: 24/02/2021 15:41