Samsø Efterskole

Great experiences – on land, at sea and in the air!
Samsø Efterskole (‘Afterschool’ – a boarding school for 14-15 year olds) is not quite like others. Besides being the only Efterskole located on Samsø, the students can construct their own school year based on more than 30 course options. If you want to dive, ride, sail, surf, hunt, fly, parachute, play music, run an adventure race or do something completely different, then Samsø Efterskole is the place to go!

The course options are many and varied – and some of them are rather action packed and present challenges that young people do not encounter elsewhere. With subjects like hunting, diving, horseback riding, sailing, parachuting, flying and shooting they face challenges on land, at sea and in the air!

However, one also encounters academic challenges at the school. With split level teaching, students are guaranteed academic challenges that match their skills in all subjects. It gives them a better starting point for their future education.

A year at Samsø Efterskole is something quite unique. You will encounter a sense of togetherness which you’ll have seldom experienced before – or are likely to experience again. There are many people who are always very close by and who get to know each other for good or bad. It’s the teaching – the boring and the exciting. It’s the rush and the adrenaline high up beneath the clouds. It is the silence and calm in the depths of the sea. It’s the speed across the waves. It’s relaxation and fun. It’s the food. The language. It’s endurance and challenge. It’s about breaking boundaries. It’s the journey towards the unknown. It is an experience that stays with you your whole life.

Last updated: 17/12/2019 09:39