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Whether you’re into luxury or simple and back to basics, you will find the perfect holiday home on Samsø. You can choose from more than 300 homes spread throughout the island, many of which are right next to the water. Holiday homes on Samsø can be rented for shorter or longer periods.

On this site we have collected the possibilities to stay in a holiday home on Samsø

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At each holiday home, you can read more about the different places, see pictures, prices and more.

Contact the holiday home directly to book your accommodation on Samsø. There is a link to find the various bholiday home’s websites.

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sommerhusFrom summer house to winter house

Regardless of the season, a summer house holiday on Samsø is a wonderful experience. With this cosy and personal backdrop you can spend the days just as you please. You can have breakfast in the afternoon and spend all day playing Monopoly. In a summer house it is you who decides.

Now everything is turning green
Spring on Samsø is a beautiful time of year. After the dark months you can feel the return of the light and warmth. The roadside stalls are gradually filled with delicate vegetables and it is pure happiness when you can boil the first new potatoes of the year back in the summer house. The season also invites you into taking long walks in the spring-coloured nature, where animals and plants scramble to capture your attention. Back at the summer house the mild spring evenings can be spent with a good glass of red wine in your hand, while the barbecue is heating up for a new season.

The sun beats down
Summer offers trips to the beach, light nights and great experiences. The sun is already shining early in the morning and encourages you to have a cup of coffee in the garden while nature wakes up. The bikes are equipped with a tray of strawberries, juice, towels and everything you need for a great day at the beach. The long hot days can be finished off with an ice cream cone in the sunset.

The golden colours
The arrival of autumn on Samsø is illustrated beautifully by the fantastic play of colours that the trees, fields and bushes submerge themselves in. The colours can be brought in to the dinner table with delicious dishes of root vegetables and pumpkin. For dessert you can try a Samsø apple or pear cake. It’s so nice! If the wind is biting or the rain is dripping down, it is nice to be able to spend an afternoon in the summer house. Now you can finally finish reading that thriller or see the movie that you would otherwise never get around to watching.

Winter like in the old days
If you take a summer house holiday on Samsø in winter, you can experience a wonderful stillness. Everything goes a bit slower, and there is time for reflection. On Samsø we do not salt the roads, so when the snow comes the entire landscape is dressed in white. In the summer house you can turn up the stove, light up the living room with candles and invite family and friends over for a lovely evening. Many holidaymakers also choose to hold an old-fashioned Christmas on Samsø, where children and grandchildren can meet in the middle of Denmark.

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