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Opera in Unlikely Places

Is it possible to present Carmen from a prairie wagon in Besser? What has La Traviata got to do with a rickshaw in Tranebjerg? And why do Hansel and Gretel find themselves in the world’s largest maze? Combine opera with Samsø and you will discover how.

The Island’s Own Opera Stars
When Lise Christensen and Michael Bracegirdle, both opera singers, moved to Samsø in 2014, it wasn’t just in search of peace and the open countryside.

They were also hoping to fulfil their dream of establishing a creative environment under the banner of opera.

The project was named Søholm Opera, and today, only a few years later, Samsø has become enriched with a number of spectacular operatic events. Based on a wish to create a multi-sensory concert venue they founded Søholm Opera. “The long-term goal is to build a small concert and opera house surrounded by a large permaculture garden, with the ambition of attracting top musicians and singers to our beautiful island and place”, Lise explains.

Vibrations of Success
Last year Søholm Opera and its support organisation produced the great event ”Opera In Unlikely Places”, and according to Lise, the recipe was really very simple. ”We took what Samsø is already known for, and added opera to it. We placed this cocktail in surroundings which people might not necessarily associate with opera, and reached an audience who would not typically go to a theatre or a concert hall to experience opera. Of course, opera is not necessarily to everyone’s taste, but it is obvious that when people are exposed to the vibrations of an opera singer’s voice at close quarters, they are likely to surrender to emotions triggered by the experience”.

Over the three days of ”Opera In Unlikely Places” 13 events were presented across the island. There were tower serenades at Vesborg Lighthouse and Ballebjerg, The Energy Academy hosted the Energy- Opera workshop, in Nordby the audience was exposed to ”Fake Opera-News”, in Tranebjerg there was a Food and Opera Walk, etc..

Tranebjerg Church hosted the grand finale, a magnifi cent concert with Andrea Pellegrini and Bjarke Mogensen.

More than 1,000 spectators attended the different events, the majority of which were free.

By Water, by Land and by Air
“Following the very different and entertaining events we received a lot of spontaneous comments all of them conveying the message that ”Opera is cool!” or ”I never realised that opera was something I’d fancy”, ”I have never been so moved” etc. To us this epitomises success! It proves that rethinking the packaging can make people receive the genre with an open mind,” Lise states.

She is looking forward to welcoming children and adults to another round of Opera In Unlikely Places in 2018 themed ”By Water, by Land and by Air”.

Opera In Unlikely Places 2019
• Opera In Unlikely Places 2018 takes place between 22nd – 24th July 201
• Opera In Unlikely Places is organised by Søholm Opera and Søholm Opera’s support organisation
• Programme to be published on www.soeholmopera.com, on Søholm Opera’s Facebook and on www.visitsamsoe.dk

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