Bicycle Holiday, Nature and Excercise, Samsø for Adults

Bicycle holiday

With its varied scenery, many villages and short distances, the island is perfect for short and long trips on the bike for the whole family.

Even small kids can join a cycle trip on Samsø. Quiet motor traffic and good, wide bike paths all the way from Tranebjerg on the middle of the island to Nordby in north makes the island a safe place to bicycle.  Will the little leg weary, there is always short distance to a comfortable rest in one of Samsøs 22 villages, winding through the landscape, and in many of them you can refresh yourself with a drink in the summer heat.

Samsø is fairly flat and on the few steep hills there are, you can stop for a rest and take a look at the view. Count how many churches you can see from the top of Kongehøjen between Onsbjerg and Tranebjerg.
The whole island is ideal for cycling, and there are very few places you can not stomp on the pedals.

Cycle routes and maps
You can find suggestions for routes around the island here

You can download a map over the island here

Bring your own bike
You are welcome to bring your own bike on the ferry from both Sealand as Jutland. Do you come from Jutland, the cycle path begins just 100 meters from the ferry landing in Sælvig. From here you can bike either south or north.

Rent a bike on the island
Samsø two bike rental companies, Samsø Cykeludlejning and Samsø Cykler ensures that you will well be well equipped, right from when you get off the ferry.

Last updated: 26/08/2020 11:23