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The ‘get-to-know-each-other’ camping trip always goes to Samsø

At the beginning of every academic year, first-year students from the Agricultural College of Sealand gather at Sælvigbugtens Camping. Here two days of professional and enjoyable experiences designed to give students a good start to their new education await them.

A scented smokescreen
At first sight one could almost be led to believe that an invasion is taking place. Two rows of military tents have been erected and the scent of smoke spreads from the area. The reality is altogether more peaceful. The smoke comes from a large barbecue with steaks sizzling away and the tents have been bought at the military surplus stores. There are no soldiers but 77 new freshers from the Agricultural College of Sealand in Høng. This has been a tradition for over 30 years. With the calendar at August and a new group of students has started college, the trip goes to Samsø. On bikes, of course.

”Samsø is the perfect place for us to go on a ‘get-to-know-each-other’ trip. The island is located in cycling distance of the school in Høng – and then it is an island, which means that you can’t run home if the going gets tough. The primitive life in the tents makes the students integrate in a completely different way than if we were staying somewhere else, where each student had his own room,” says Michael Wonterghem, a teacher at the school, who has participated in the Samsø trips almost every year.

Students stay overnight at Sælvigbugtens Camping, explains Michael. The campsite is ideally located on the island in terms of getting around and the school and the campsite manager have made a good arrangement, where the students camp a little away from the other guests, to avoid them bothering the other guests with talking and playing music.

Getting your hands dirty
The trip lasts for two days and includes a visit to Brdr. Kjeldahl, where the students gain a thorough insight into Samsø’s agricultural life. Additionally, there’s a trip to ‘Falkecenter Samsø’ (the falconry centre), to accommodate those students who have chosen to pursue animal care at school. There is also room for entertainment such as the traditional challenge on the hill, christened by the students, ”Flødebollebakken” (lit. chocolate-and-marshmallow- treats-hill) in Nordby Bakker. ‘Flødeboller’ await the whole team, if just one of the students makes it to the top of the hill by bike.

After a couple of days on Samsø, the students return to school with a bag full of experiences and a strengthened sense of community. “Again this year the students loved the trip. They had a great time together and for many of them, Samsø really got under their skin,” says Michael.

Did You Know That…
Samsø has three other great camping sites besides Sælvigbugtens Camping:

Ballen Strandcamping
Small and intimate camping grounds next to the sea, close to Ballen.

Camping og Feriecenter Samsø
Offers a lot of activities and various accommodation options for the whole family, in Kolby.

Klitgård Camping
Located right next to the beach on the northeast side of Samsø at Nordby Bakker

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