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Hike to Stauns Fjord starting from Sælvig Harbour

Bisgaard Mark – Stauns Fjord – Alstrup – Toftebjerg

The trip starts in Sælvig Harbour, where you go down to the beach behind the machines for car check-in. Follow the beach north. Sælvig bay is an almost seven kilometer long beach on Samsø’s west coast. The water is always low, and when the water is low, the children can swim really far out. There are lots of sandworms that you can try to stomp up. The water is clear, and there is usually a nice sandy bottom and sandy beach.

Shortly after Bisgård Mark, you go up the path that runs alongside the road and follow it until you reach Lille Vorbjerg. From here it is possible to take a detour of approx. 1km., where you can climb the hill “Store Vorbjerg”. Here there is a beautiful view over the North Island and Stavns Fjord.

Go right along Staunsvej, which is just after Sælvigbugtens Camping. Go through the village on the road to the airfield. If you want to visit the small boat harbor on the southern edge of the village, turn left onto Kastaniealléen.

The 150-metre long dirt road leads down to the old harbour, which today is a marina with moored small boats in long rows. A row of stones goes out into the water and just north of this, remains of a pier have been found, which is dated to the 7th century – presumably there is a temporal coincidence between this Viking harbor and the Kanhave Canal. From the harbor there is a view over Stavns Fjord, which is a rock-filled low-water area with many small grass- and tree-covered islets.

Go back along the same road and continue the trip to the left towards the airfield. Walk along the airfield and past the dam to Gammelholm. Enjoy the beautiful view over the islets, the largest islet in Stauns Fjord, which lies directly in front, is called Hjortsholm. Follow the path around the water until you come back to Flyvervej. Shortly afterwards you turn right towards Alstrup. Along the way, on the left hand side you will pass Stenstuen – a small hill with a dowel chamber.

In Alstrup, there are lots of exciting fields, i.a. the island’s largest vineyard as well as a large apple and pear plantation. You also pass an organic farm with a large selection of vegetables. In Alstrup, turn right along the paved road towards Toftebjerg.

In Toftebjerg, turn left onto Smedegade, which subsequently becomes Hellemosevej. Follow it all the way out to Sælvig Bay, then turn left and follow Havvejen back.

Turn right at Sælvig and follow the road for the last 2 km to Sælvig Harbour, where the tour ends.

Digital synliggørelse af ruter på Samsø er støttet af Friluftsrådet med Udlodningsmidler til Friluftsliv.

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