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Samsø Nature School – What’s the Idea?

Stavns Fjord was declared protected area in 1981. The protection comprises a huge surrounding area of the fjord, and the fjord itself, including the nine islets and three islets east of the fjord. The preservation and the game preserve are of great importance when considering how the whole area can be used for hunting, fishing, sailing, and outdoor life.

A few years after the implementation of this protection, the idea of establishing a nature school on Samsø arose, and in May 1986 Samsø Nature School opened its doors. The purpose this nature school was, at the time, to educate about nature, the preservation, and considerate conduct in nature, thereby avoiding conflicts between protection and use. These purposes still apply.

To gain more knowledge about nature and an understanding of natural connections, one must go through one’s own experiences and open-air activities. This is the starting point for the nature school, which is reflected in its activities. Have you paddled barefoot in the soft fjord bed? Have you smelled and tasted beach wormwood? Have you listened to the meadow pipit?

Have you held a big, green sand lizard in your hands? Have you tried to row a dinghy? If so, you’ll surely understand that experiences tickle curiosity and often give rise to a lot of questions. A fun and suggestive experience is a good start when you want to learn something new about nature.

During the summer months, the nature school offers a lot of public excursions and events. In most cases they are free and no registration is needed. Some activities particularly applicable to young families. It could be catching and collecting activities, or practical work with stones, amber, and other natural materials. Excursions mostly for adults may be of longer duration, and have more scientific content. One example is all-day excursions on Besser Rev where subjects such as landscape formation, the cultural history of the fjord area, and the current nature administration are examined.

Throughout the year, Samsø Nature School offers activities and excursions in nature for schools, institutions, and for all persons with an interest in nature and outdoor life.

Interaction between Nature and Culture
The buildings of the Nature School are clearly marked by the history of the locality as a smallholding with a farmhouse and a stable. The peninsular Grønhoved, which is today a natural area with grazing sheep, made up the land of the smallholding. Even the flat top of the hill Grønhøj was cultivated.

By Bjarne Manstrup, Head of Samsø Nature School

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