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Seal pups on the beach

By Bjarne Manstrup, Nature guide in Samsø Municipality

Seals give birth to their cubs in June and July. During the first month the pups suckle a couple of times a day whilst on land. If you find an “abandoned” seal pup the best advice is to keep well away. The mother is often looking for food and waiting to return to the pup, until there is peace and quiet on the beach.

There is no reason to believe that the pup is abandoned, even if it is lying in the same place for several hours.

Wounded animals on the beach
If you find a wounded seal on the beach, please contact Søhøjlandet on tel. +45 72 54 39 51

Dead animals on the beach
Dead animals in the wild are usually not removed. This also applies to seals and porpoises. Dead animals are part of the natural cycle and only in cases where they are of major nuisance (eg. if there are several dead animals, or lying on the most popular beaches), will their removal be considered.

Last updated: 13/08/2019 09:19