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The Golf Star Iben Tinning is Crazy about Golf on Samsø

There was a time when Iben Tinning travelled around the world and made a living by playing golf. She was one of the greatest stars on the European golf scene and enjoyed life in the limelight.

Today Iben Tinning earns a living by teaching golf, working as a manager and as a golf commentator on tv. However, in her busy schedule she gave priority to going to Samsø, both as a private person and in connection with her work. She is crazy about the island, and Samsø Golf Club especially has a very special place in her life.

The Good Island Atmosphere

With more than 6,000 visitors annually, Samsø Golf Club is one of the main attractions for people visiting the island, and the sustainable golf course is referred to in very positive terms. During the season, the club employs two part-time instructors, Jesper Rasmussen and Mette Kramer. In addition, at some times during the year, guest instructors from outside come to the island to provide new inspiration to club members and visitors. Iben Tinning, Denmark’s best woman golf player through the ages, is one of them.

”I go to Samsø at least a couple of times a year. I visit my wonderful friend Mette and her family. I often bring my own family. I love the atmosphere of Samsø. People are very open and friendly, it’s amazing to go shopping in the local shops and vegetable stalls and snug cafés.”

Holes Near the Sea
Iben Tinning has previously taken part in professional tournaments on Samsø and she praises this course.

”I think that this course has a good layout and it is always in a really good state. If the course had been located on Zealand, I think that it would have been crowded with both members and greenfee visitors. I won’t hesitate to emphasize the wonderful holes near the sea as the most beautiful and most difficult holes on the course. The club also has a nice par-3 course giving everybody the opportunity to benefit from playing there!”

Dynamic Continuation School

However, as a guest instructor, what is it like to work on Samsø following daily work as a golf instructor at Hørsholm near Copenhagen? What is very special about Samsø Golf Club?

“I love challenges and immediately accepted the offer to become a guest instructor, and I sincerely hope that this will continue in future. The club members needed to size me up as an instructor which I fully understand, but I know I have had busy days on Samsø whilst instructing. It has also given me great pleasure to instruct junior members of the club as well as pupils of the continuation school where I used the school teachers as sparring partners for the pupils’ swing and abilities. This might prove to become an interesting future development. Club solidarity is something very special for Samsø. People do a lot to keep the wheels going, there are many volonteers working for the club who are eager to preserve it and the course in the future.”

Never Perfect

When asked about the overall most positive thing about golf, Iben Tinning concludes:

”The best thing about golf is the constant challenge of the game. You will never end up completely perfect in this sport which is what drives most players, but this is an aspect that may also cause some players to lose their passion if it turns out to be too difficult to learn. You can play with anybody irrespective of their level, and can always compete with each other, it is a true family sport.”

• Iben Tinning is an instructor on a daily basis at Hørsholm Golf Club
• She has won the Ladies European Tour four times and has played the Solheim Cup four times
• She is trained as a coach and PGA instructor
• She is mother to 10-year old Mads and married to Lasse

Last updated: 11/08/2020 15:36