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Holiday Houses on Samsø

A holiday in a cottage means “hygge”. You can pull the plug with a clear conscience. Let time pass by slowly. Settle on the couch with a good novel. Enjoy the smell of simmering food from the kitchen. Everything that is not possible during a busy working day.

A Free Space in the Middle of Nature
In many places in Denmark, holiday houses are closely lined up next to each other along dead-straight gravel roads where only a narrow stripe of lyme grass reveals where one lot starts and the next one ends.

On Samsø, it is quite different. Here there are a few small-sized, characteristic summer cottage areas all of which have their own distinctive features. In Vesterløkken, to mention one location, there are charming houses, some of them built way back in the 1930s, idyllically situated by the water, whereas Mårup Østerstrand with the wood and the beach is more rugged. A number of the island’s summer cottages are located in village environments or completely isolated, e.g. cottages located in Nordby Hills.

On Samsø, there are two rental agencies – Samsø Feriehusudlejning and Feriepartner Samsø. They are both passionate about helping their guests have an excellent holiday. “Visitors who come to Samsø are here to enjoy nature, walk on the beach, and experience all that the island has to offer. But they are also here to relax, and a summer cottage is perfect for that. In fact, here it is quite okay to spend time in the house if that is what you fancy”, Lars O. Jensen from Samsø Feriehusudlejning explains.

Novelty: Cosiness
Everyday life in many families is marked by hurry and tight agendas where planning and co-ordination take place at the dinner table. A holiday in a summer cottage invites to the opposite. “One or two weeks in a holiday home is an effi cient way to eliminate stress and hurry in your daily life. Here, you can draw a circle around your life. Talk about everything you normally wouldn’t have time to talk about, and even more importantly, stop talking about everything you normally talk about. Instead, let peace fall upon you. Actually, this is quite an exotic and rare feeling”, Inge-Dorthe Ellegård Larsen from Feriepartner Samsø explains.

Summer Cottage All Year
A holiday in a cottage is an obvious choice even when it isn’t summer. There are many visitors in spring, autumn, and winter where the island is quiet and different than in the summer. The tranquillity creates a very special, intimate atmosphere, and even in periods with rain and wind during a holiday, most people leave the island with a big smile.

Find your holiday home at
Feriepartner Samsø
Langgade 11, Tranebjerg
8305 Samsø
Tlf.: +45 8780 2600

Samsø Feriehusudlejning
Besservej 2, Tranebjerg
8305 Samsø
Tlf.: +45 8659 0080

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