Life on Samsø, Samsø - My Island, Samsø for Adults

Home of the Holiday Cottage

Manfred and Anne-Mari Job are smiling, remembering all the good experiences they have had on Samsø throughout the ages.

New Friends
For 25 years, they visited Samsø at least once a year, always staying in the same house in Maarup. Usually, that adds up to 6-8 weeks each year, distributed between spring and autumn. Their friends Linda and Herbert Marzian, who turned up at the holiday cottage’s garden table, nod in agreement: ”We had originally planned only one week the following year, but Linda cried in the car all the way home, so we hastened to go back merely a week later. It has now been 12 years and we couldn’t imagine a better place to spend our holidays.”

A Community of Difference

Many friendships have been formed or improved in quality on Samsø, and, as a group they always appreciate them in the summer cottage area, where, over the years, so many have come into being between the many returning holiday guests. On the whole, social relations and kindness are an important reason why these visitors keep coming back year after year. Linda tells us: ”On Samsø, drivers of passing car wave hello to you, and nobody gets annoyed if the check-out process in Brugsen is slow. Everything takes its own time and you always feel welcome. At the summerhouse rental agency they are always ready to go that extra mile, which means everything to us”.

Samsø’s Distinctive Features

The two couples agree that there are also many other great reasons for choosing Samsø as your holiday destination. ”Tranquillity and fresh air,” Linda sighs leaning back in her chair, with a smile “Even though there are lots of people during the summer, you can always find a beach where you will feel alone on the island. And of course, the scenery is exceptionally beautiful and varied – we have hills, woods and water, all on a comfortable distance away.”

Around the table they nod in agreement, adding a number of other favourite activities on Samsø. The fishing trips have become a tradition and every year they find interesting things in the flea markets. There are numerous stalls with fresh vegetables, berries and honey, which they also happily ransack, because cooking in the holiday cottage is such a pleasure due to the great fresh produce from Samsø. “Of course, buying an ice cream in Nordby is always a must as well as a delicious seafood lunch at one of the small marinas, Herbert says, adding that his friends back in Germany always place orders for things like fresh Samsø strawberries.

The royal visits to the island have also made an impression: “It is a great experience to get the opportunity to get close to the Queen, which happened when she visited the island in 2010, as well as the time they witnessed Princess Isabella baptising the ferry. They were both nice experiences that we immensely enjoyed being part of”.

The Longing is Handed Down
As time goes on, it is not just the four senior citizens who would find it difficult to be without Samsø: ”Every year, our children come and visit us on Samsø, and I get the feeling that our grandchildren will soon start their own Samsø holiday traditions as they get older.”

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