Mårup Marina

Located on the west coast with Nordby Bakker in the background and Sælvigbugten in front. Café and sailor lounge at the harbour.

Largest ships
Water level

Withsun boat trip to Samsø

Each Withsun a large group from Egå Marina sets out bound for Mårup Harbour 18 nautical miles and three cozy days awaits them. The close relationship between Egå, located just north of Aarhus, and Mårup dates back to 1980. That year Egå Marina bought the small harbour on the north-west coast of Samsø. The ownership only lasted a few years, but the friendship remained and for a good reason, says Peter Petersen, chairman of Egå Marinas trip and motor committee: ”The distance between Mårup and Egå is perfect for weekend trips if we want time both on the water as well as in the harbour. If the wind is favorable it is a three hour trip and a beautiful trip as well.”

Festivities and good times
The Whitsun trip is one of Egå Marinas many activities and have been held since 1980. Some years around 20 boats participate and some years even up to 50 boats take the journey across Kattegat. The trip is a good way to start the sailling season and a significant part of the trip is to enjoy each others company, says Peter Petersen. ”We always have a party on the evening of Whit Saturday, but apart from that the program vary from year to year. We have been on bus tours around the island, taken trips to Nordby and Langør, trips to Ballebjerg which is Samsøs highest point. We have visited the maze and gone on bicycle and hiking S amsø has qualities worth sailing for. Peter Petersen, Egå Marina trips in the beautiful countryside.”

A great harbour
Mårup Harbour has all the qualities that a marina must have to attract sailors, says Peter Petersen and explains: “It is a safe harbour in all weather conditions. It has good facilities and the possibility to rent bicycles so you can get around to the many fine sites and activities. The supermarket is also not far away and the beach is close to the harbour.” Altogether Peter Petersen finds Samsø as an ideal destination for sailors: ”Samsø has many qualities that are worth the trip. Beautiful scenery and good facilities at the harbours.”

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