Samsø’s marinas

  • Ballen Marina
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  • Langøre Marina
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  • Mårup Marina
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Bring your own boat to Samsø and stay in one of Samsøs marinas.

Yachting holiday to Samsø is an ideal holiday choice. With its location in the middle of Denmark, it is an ideal target for the boat trip.

Samsø municipality has 3 beautiful marinas with its own personality and charm.

Enjoy the real holiday atmosphere in Samsø’s holiday town no. 1, Ballen, where the island’s largest marina is located. Ballen Marina is Samsø’s largest and most visited marina and has approximately 8,500 guest visits a year. Ballen Marina is located on the southern part of the island on the east side.

Langøre Harbour is located on the northern part of the island on the east side of the protected Stauns Fjord. Langøre is a natural harbor that has been used since the Viking Age. The port has about 4,000 guest annually. The port is most of the year used by the local fishermen for fishing in the fjord and coastal fisheries.

You can also dock in Mårup Harbour. Mårup Harbour has approximately 2,500 guests annually. The marina is located in the northwest corner of the island. The port is about 2 km from Mårup City, which included is a Daily Brugs.

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