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Mellem-Rummet Retreat, Natur Guesthouse & Glamping

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness

Mellem-rummet is one of Denmark’s most coveted retreats, created in an old family farm.

Mellem-rummet is placed where the silence balances and the tranquility gently seeps in. The energy and atmosphere here is something special – here you will find peace, quiet and atmosphere.

Located far from the main road and close to its own beach to the west, a peaceful respite hides. Here in the middle of quiet nature close to sky and sea, land and water lies a sanctuary and free space for you.

Aesthetic settings and decor – all surrounded by the most beautiful nature, where you can enjoy the sound and scent of the movement of nature around you. Here you get what everyday life doesn’t offer. Here you can experience yourself, see the darkness, be awakened by the light and hear the silence.

In addition to group retreats and individual courses all year round as well as nature glamping and guesthouse in the summer, Mellem-rummet also offers drop-in yoga in one of Denmark’s most beautiful yoga halls during the summer holiday period.

“The middle room is like a long, warm hug – and if the surrounding nature and calm haven’t settled your shoulders, the middle room provides a very special silence, calmness and atmosphere, so that the last tension quickly leaves your body and your mind” – Maria

Last updated: 14/07/2024 12:25