Cultural history

Samsø Museumsgård

Samsø Museumsgård depicts a wealthy farming community in the 19th century. The farm was built in 1917 as a museum based on a farm in Nordby.

Here you can experience an authentic interior with fine objects from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, which belonged to the more upstanding farmers on Samsø. In the lounge of the farm there is a minor exhibition of Kellinghusen faience and examples of regional clothes from Samsø.

Museumsgården is part of Samsø Museum. Read more on the museum’s website.

Adults: DKK 70,-
Groups: DKK 50,-
Children and young people under 18: Free

The fare also includes entrance to the Velkomstcentre.

About Samsø Museum

Samsø Museum tell’s about the relationship between man and nature, about society’s cultural impact on nature for thousands of years. A traditional museum is bounded by walls and filled with things from the past. Samsø Museum is rather a common name for a variety of activities that get you to see and understand the connection between Samsø’s landscape, culture and people of the past, present and future.

In the center of Tranebjerg in the old Dairy, visit the Welcome Centre – the heart of Samsø Museum. Here visitors get a cultural introduction to the island, information about Samsø Museum’s many attractions, activities and events, and is inspired to seek out the story in the landscape.

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