Cultural history


Discovering history
The History Universe is Samsø Museum’s offer to slightly older children. Through stories and a number of tasks, the children begin to understand the cultural history.

For example, on large tables with sand, the children build a medieval castle with ramparts, moats and buildings. Along the way, we talk about the historical background of the experiment.

From the prototype, we go outdoors to find the mega props, where a wall is to be built using a scaffold and a hoist, as we have learned from medieval manuscripts.

A course lasts 1½-2 hours.

Target group:
For children from 7-12 years of age. There are also activities in The Universe for the younger siblings.

Price: DKK 60 per child

Contact the museum a day or two in advance by phone or email. It is also possible to show up no later than ten minutes before the activity starts – though in such cases we cannot guarantee a place.

Brief description of each course:

  • The Trappers – Discover the first people – The Hunters of The Stone Age
  • The Dolmen Builders – Build a dolmen – The New Stone Age / Neolithic Age
  • The Burial Mound Builders – Build a Bronze Age tumulus around a wooden coffin – The Bronze Age
  • The Canal Builders – Build the Kanhave Canal – Early Viking Age
  • The Church Builders – Build Nordby Church – The Middle Ages
  • The Castle Builders – Build Vesborg – The Middle Ages
  • The Church Painters – Paint motifs from the Samsø churches – The Middle Ages
  • The Mill Builders – The post mill must be moved to Kolhøj – 18th Century
  • The Fortress Builders – Build Lilleøre Skanse – The England Wars, The Early 19th Century

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