Langøre Marina

Located in the preserved Stauns Fjord and is Samsø´s smallest. You find a restaurant at the harbour. Langøre is a natural harbour that has been used since the Viking Era.

Largest ships
Water level
Speed limit

Beautiful but challenging approach

Picturesque Langøre Harbour appears behind islets and reefs in a protected bird area

While the sun is setting over Stauns Fjord and the last boats are coming in the sailors enjoy the view and the peace in Samsøs smallest harbour. Others are already busy making dinner, some are having a barbeque on the beach others cook on board the boats.

Sand reef right under the surface
“The approach was a bit of a challenge. We had to go slow and at the same time keep an eye out for the buoys, but it has been worth the trouble. It is breathtakingly beautiful here and of course we hope to see the seals that live in the area,” says Nis Nöhring from Hamburg. He and his two friends are in Denmark for the first time and they always choose small harbours located in beautiful nature. “We should have planned more than one night here,” he says with a smile and a bit of regret in his voice.

The harbour manager Frederik Bilsted Pedersen sometimes experiences that the sailors do not take their nautical charts and the buoys seriously during the approach to Langøre. “There are reefs just below the surface and sometimes we have to help sailboats getting free of them. The fairway however is very deep.”

Viking harbour
Lars Tangård Lademann from Kastrup is in Langøre for the third time and has completely lost his heart to the place. “I am very interested in the history connected to the place and to Samsø in general. It is special to imagine that the Vikings once upon a time sat on this very spot enjoying the sunset,” says Lars while he flips the steaks on the barbeque.

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