Selected events on Samsø

May 10-12
Samsø Cup
Samsø offers supreme conditions for sea trout fishing, and with a coast line of more than 120 kilometres of beautiful littoral stretches rich in fish, meaning there is room for lots of participants. And with everything from fiords to spectacular open coasts round the whole island, it is never difficult to find a sheltered place. There will be attractive prizes for the winners

May 25-26
Sommer i By (Summer in Town)
Each year on the first Sunday following Pentecost, local residents ride “Sommer i By”. Beautifully decorated horses and their riders ride through Nordby with banners and flags. The horses are followed by a parade with horse carriages and elegantly dressed passengers. To mark the parade there will be a party, a collective dinner, music and fun in Nordby.

June 2
Samsø’s Best Open Potato Sandwich 
The island’s restaurants will participate in the competition to create “Samsøs bedste kartoffelmad”. The audience can build their own sandwiches, whilst having a nice chat with their fellow participants. The panel of judges consists of famous names from the national food and restaurant industry.

June 5-7
Ecco Tour
Many Danish and foreign professionals participate in the Ecci-Tour tournament.
Everyone is welcome to follow the tournament on the beautiful golf course.

June 15-16
Samsø Råvarefestival (Samsø Produce Festival)
Participate in celebrating Samsø’s great specialities and produce. Food samples, entertainment, markets, activities for the entire family and much more. On Saturday evening, there will be a big party as well as the Tug of War Championship of Samsø.

June 16
Danish Mølledag (Mill Day) 
Dansk Mølledag draws attention to the country’s old wind turbines, thereby increasing the understanding of the preservation of this part of our cultural heritage. On Samsø you can visit Brundby Stubmølle and Kolby Mølle, which for the occasion has a beautiful and festive programme.

July 4-4
Samsø Childrens’ Culture Festival
Samsø Childrens’ Culture Festival is an initiative where children and families can enjoy themselves, engaging with music, entertainment, theatre, dance, literature, gymnastics, rhythmics, and movement in intimate surroundings and across several days.
facebook: @samsoboernekulturfestival

July 4 + July 5 + July 11 + July 18 + July 25
Samsø Pianofestival
July 4: Jack Gibbons: A CHOPIN FAREWELL
July 5: Jack Gibbons: RHAPSODY IN BLUE AT 100
July 11: Christian Serena: NOCTURNAL DREAMSCAPES
July 18: Luca Sestak: BOOGIE AND BLUES
July 25: Christodoulos Georgiades: PORTRAITS
Facebook: @samsøpianofestival

Week 28-32
Brundby Rocks
Well-known musicians and stand-up artists, etc. will fill the cozy garden behind Brundby Hotel with a seated and standing audience.

July 9-11
Viking days in the museum garden
A group of Vikings camp at Samsø Museum in Tranebjerg and invites to activities for the whole family: Combat training, Viking games, demonstration of crafts and needlework. You can enjoy campfire food and mead and make your own flatbread.

July 13
Samsø Traktortræk (Samsø Tractor Pulling)
If you like roaring machines, horsepowers by the bundle, smoke and noise, then Samsø Traktortræk is for you. Participants will come from Samsø and throughout Denmark, and will compete in multiple classes; from the very heavy monster machines to ordinary garden tractors. A pleasant day out for the entire family.

July 14
Samsø Family Run
Come and race in Samsø’s lovely nature. There are 2 km for children, and both 5 km and 10 km for adults. All routes start and finish at Kanhave. It is free to participate. This year Samsø Family Run celebrates their 10 year anniversary.

July 17-20
Samsø Festival
The sunshine island of Samsø reaches boiling point when the cosiest festival in Denmark takes place in week 29. 6,000 happy guests gather for four days to enjoy plenty of good music, cold draught beer and parties with new and old friends. Look forward to, among others, Alex Vargas, Benjamin Hav & Familien, KrebsFalch, Rasmus Seebach, Magtens Korridorer and Scarlett Pleasure.

July 25-27
Samsø Jazz Festival
The programme emphasises a high artistic standard, stylistic diversity and a mix of established names and younger talent which, on Samsø, gathers for mutual inspiration.

July 27-28
Samsø Veterantraktortræf
Look, feel and hear the beautiful and well-maintained tractors from the good old days. Activities include harvesting with a reaper-binder and a threshing machine as well as an exhibition of vintage vehicles and various machines. Talk to collectors about their great passion.

September 6-8
Samsø Open in darts 
The competition, with its ca. 450 participants is Denmark’s largest club-organised darts event and the days in the halls offer plenty of excitement for both participants and spectators.

September 13-14
Join the debate and help set the direction for a more sustainable Samsø and Denmark. Exchanging ideas, visions and concrete plans will be at the center of a festive weekend with a lot of engaged people. 

October 16
Halloween Race in the Samsø Maze
During the Danish autumn half-term break , we open up for nocturnal adventure in the World’s Biggest Maze. Brave people may meet with a very special experience in their attempts to find their way out in pitch darkness. Dare you accept this challenge?

October 17
Store Græskardag (Great Pumpkin Day)
For many years, Samsø has been a major supplier of Halloween pumpkins to the rest of Denmark, and when autumn hits, the fields light up with a pretty orange glow. In October, the pumpkin is particularly celebrated on Great Pumpkin Day where children and adults alike can have a great time carving pumpkins and taking home their works of art.

November 1-2
Lys i Mørket (Light in the dark)
Samsø celebrates the unique night darkness with two eventful days of exciting cultural and food experiences.

November 2-3
Samsø goes to the dogs
A whole weekend starring man’s best friend. The programme offers dog dancing, rally obedience and not least the crowning of Samsø’s cutest dog. All bipeds have free access to the Samsø Sports Hall and you do not need a dog to take a look.

November 29
Lighting of the Christmas Tree in Tranebjerg
The biggest Christmas tree on the island is lit in front of the town hall, Anton Rosens Hus.

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