Sjælland-Samsø – SamsøLinjen

From Kalundborg to Samsø

SAMSØLINJEN sails between Ballen on Samsø and Kalundborg on Sjælland.

Are you planning a holiday on Samsø with your car, bicycle or on foot? All three options are possible with SamsøFærgen. Travel by car, by bicycle or on foot – or take your bicycle(s) with you on your car. Samsø is a lovely island whatever your mode of transport. However, the island is a joy to explore on foot or by bike, while it is, of course, useful to have a car for practical purposes. It is easy to get to the ferry terminal on Zealand by train and bus if you are travelling on foot or by bicycle. But if you are driving, there are great campsites on Samsø – so bring your caravan!

The Ferry

Crossing time

An escape from everyday life, on board the ferry

The quiet movement of the water, a friendly nod to your fellow passengers, a cold refreshment on the sun deck. A view of Samsø, coming nearer and nearer; it is on the ferry that your holiday begins.

When you board one of the ferries to Samsø you automatically escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The trip is just long enough for you to get your job, bills and window washing well to the back of your mind and instead look forward to the island you are approaching.

Even before the ferry sets sail you will have met a few of the ship’s assistants, who ensure with mathematical precision that as many cars as possible can be accommodated. Up on the bridge the captain and the mate ensure that you get there and back safe and sound, while the engineer plays his part in making sure that the machinery functions so the timetable can be kept.

While all of these people ferry you off to your vacation, you can sit back and enjoy a coffee or a dish from the ferry’s restaurant, where the staff will serve you with a smile. “When we are helpful and smiling we usually get smiles in return,” says Jane Skovsen Nielsen, who has been employed by the ferry for over 10 years. Jane works in the restaurant and has now made the trip to Samsø countless number of times.

However she still enjoys meeting the many different passengers: “We sail with a lot of different people. You gradually get to know the regular passengers, the islanders, while the many tourists offer new experiences every time. One thing is certain – the tourists are usually happy when they are going on holiday and many of them would rather not go home again.”

Last updated: 24/08/2020 13:55