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Samsø Library

Combined Library
Samsø Bibliotek is a combined library; meaning that both the school library and the island’s public library have been combined and share the same space and books, but it is simply known as Samsø Bibliotek, as this truly is what it is, a library for all of Samsø whether you are visiting or living here permanently.

During unmanned hours and within school hours, you have to take care of yourself. There is often a member of staff present, but they also take care of other tasks that are necessary for the library to work so may not be able to help you. During manned hours, on the other hand, you can get all the help you want. You are always welcome to send us an email or call. The telephone is often only open in the manned hours.

Loans and Drop-off
Once inside the library, you can use all the library facilities available. For instance, you can borrow and return items, pick up ordered material or reserve new material. It is important that you make sure that you have used the correct procedure to borrow any material, otherwise the alarm will sound and a bright red light will flash on exit. If this happens, you must return to the self-service machine and try again.

Search Stations
The library has 4 search stations placed around the rooms. From here you can look up all the material available at Samsø Bibliotek.

Newspapers and Journals
The library also subscribes to many newspapers and journals, which can be read at the library. Old copies of journals may be taken home, and can be found on the shelf behind the latest journals. Please leave the newspapers in the library, so everyone can benefit from them!

The library has 10 computers, which are free to use. You do not have to reserve a computer as there is almost always enough computers for everyone. We also have free Wi-Fi, which you can use with your own laptop or tablet. The name and the password for the Wi-Fi can be found on the pillars around the room.

Print and Copy
You can print and copy for 2 DKK per A4 sheet. We only accept cash. If you print or copy during unmanned hours, please leave a note with your payment stating the exact amount of copies, or pay next time.

Take Care of the Library
The open library is based on the trust between the librarians and users, therefore please help us by taking care of our library!

Access to the Library
The open library is a self-service solution where you can use the library during unmanned hours. The first time you use this service you will have to arrive in the manned hours, as you have to be activated in our system, but after that you can enter whenever you like. During unmanned hours, you unlock the door by using your insurance card and entering your PIN code. From here, you can use all the library facilities. Do not let anyone enter that you do not know as you will be liable for them!

When you use the library outside of the normal manned hours, your information is registered. The library is also under constant video surveillance and has an alarm system.

Tourists without a Danish social security card can also use the material at the library. For you to do this, you will also have to register during manned hours with a valid ID. You can freely use the library’s computers though, as they do not require a password or a registered user name.

Last updated: 13/12/2019 11:26