Time for it all on Samsø

Iben Corfixsen and Kasper Sørensen have exchanged a busy life in Copenhagen with the quiet island life in Kolby. Here they have the time and space to live the dream.

“The plan is to be able to eat everything in here in five years’ time,” says Kasper Sørensen, as we walk through a more overgrown section of the 3,000 square meter large garden. In this area the grass and bushes are allowed to grow as they like. Only a few paths have been cut through the grass.

The garden is just one of many positives about the property in Kolby, which Kasper moved into with girlfriend Iben Corfixsen and their 19 months old son Jarvis. In a more well-tended part of the garden a greenhouse is under construction and there are imminent plans for getting quails, chickens and rabbits.

Iben and Kasper’s longer term plans include erecting a new building attached to their house to house an orangery with exotic plants. ”We have plenty of plans for the next 10 years,” Kasper admits.

Looking to each other
In September 2017, the couple moved to Samsø from Copenhagen. They had already talked about moving to the countryside for a few months. Jarvis was just about ready for nursery and they were ready to create a little more space for themselves.

A remote Swedish farm was on the cards for a while but the couple eventually chose Samsø. Here they could buy a cheap house and Iben had managed to get a job at a hairdressing salon in Tranebjerg. Kasper didn’t have a job lined up but assumed he could use his experience as a builder or his education as a landscape architect somewhere.

“Had we moved to a random countryside location, I think the people there would be focusing on all kinds of places other than their own. On an island it’s different: folk look to one another. This idea appealed to us,” recalls Kasper.

“We also imagined Samsø as having a closely knit community and that is indeed the case. On Samsø people talk to each other – young and old. This would not have happened in Copenhagen, where you mostly talk to people similar to yourself – if you have the time to talk to anyone at all,” adds Iben.

Plenty of time
Time in particular was what Kasper and Iben expected to gain more of by leaving the big city. And they have. Especially now that Iben has opened a salon in the house instead of going to Tranebjerg to work.

”In Copenhagen we were constantly pressed for time and felt we had to make sacrifices. Now we save a lot of time on transport every day. The fact that I can work from home also means I can spend my time on practical matters if I’m not busy with customers. Or collect my son early from nursery,” says Iben.

Although Kasper has since been employed full time as a buildings’ planning officer in Samsø Municipality, he still feels that he has more time on his hands by moving to Samsø. Time which can be translated into projects:

“Here we feel we can allow ourselves to dream. We can build, if we want to. We can keep animals. On the whole, we feel we can do as we please. And we also spend family time in a different way. In the past, I could get a little fed up with visiting the family and spending most of the time sitting down drinking coffee. When people come over here and stay overnight, they get the opportunity to follow our everyday life and consequently we are together in a completely different way.

The beautiful winter time
Kasper and Iben moved to Samsø as the summer was about to end and the dark winter was looming. But the darkness and the tourist-free winter days have not deterred them. On the contrary.

“It was cool to try out our first winter over here. So many stars and so much peace and quiet! Now we are curious to see what it will be like when the tourists arrive. Fortunately, I don’t think they’ll find their way out here,” smiles Kasper.

All in all they fully enjoy life on Samsø. “We don’t consider living anywhere else. Samsø is our home now. All I miss is a little more ecological awareness over here. Otherwise nothing.”

Iben adds: “Yes, this is the right place for us to be. Since moving, we’ve actually noticed ourselves being a bit grumpy when we have to visit Copenhagen. We feel as if we’re wasting our time and just want to go home to Samsø again.”

Last updated: 02. May. 2019 09:17

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