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Samsø Lejrskole – School Camp and Group Travel

Samsø is the central meeting place in Denmark and ideal for groups. It is easy to get there both from Zealand and from Jutland.

Samsø offers many different and fun activities, beautiful countryside and culturally historic sites which can make your stay unique. With its modest size, it is also easy and fast to get to the many experiences/places on the island.

The range of overnight accommodation is quite varied and offers, in addition to a place to sleep, a wide range of extra services such as meals, tent rentals, excursions, etc. There is something for every type of event. From bunk beds to good rooms or cabins. From campfires to gourmet food. The hosts collaborate with many other island businesses and organisers and can therefore help to arrange the perfect group stay according to the group’s wishes.

School trips:
There has long been a tradition for hosting schools and institutions on Samsø. All hosts are ready to help arrange a stay that suits the purpose of your stay.

See what the various types of accommodation have to offer and contact them directly for a no-obligation chat about what they can do to fulfil your wishes.

Find accommodation for groups on Samsø here 

Last updated: 13/08/2020 10:35