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Renewable Energy Island

When you live on Samsø, the electricity that you use does not come from a traditional supply company. The local community on Samsø own the 11 land-based wind turbines. The wind turbines produce more than enough power to cover the entire island’s electricity consumption. The islands community earns a larger or smaller amount of money depending on how large a share they have in the windturbine.

On windless days we have to buy power from the mainland. All 21 wind turbines produce electricity which the samsings (the residents on Samsø) are selling to the mainland. Approx. 4000 samsings like the wind especially when it is strong. The Samsings have got a new good household economy, which have developed new areas of jobs.

The large villages on Samsø is now connected to four district heating plants, all using renewable energy to heat water and homes. Outside the heating networks, many households have replaced or supplemented oil burner with solar, ground source heat pumps and wood pellet boilers.

In total, approx. 70 percent of heat production comes from renewable sources today.

Samsø was in 1997 appointed Denmark’s renewable energy island. With the appointment, the goal was to become self-sufficient in renewable energy and create a demonstration window for the proven technologies of the time. The window has become a meeting place and a physical beautiful architect-designed house which today is called and serves as an academy.

Samsø Energy Academy (Samsø Energiakademi) is an international meeting center. New exhibitions about technology and social measures are continuously developed to promote energy reductions with a focus on the earth’s survival. The Academy is a local workplace with 12 persons in the project staff, who works with renewable energy and energy savings worldwide. The Energy Academy also houses Energy Service Samsø, where the island’s residents get free advice when they want to figure out where the savings are for example by isolation or how to replace the oil burner.

The Energy Academy organizes seminars, conference, workshops and corporate events when more than 6000 politicians, journalists and students from around the world each year visit Samsø to see the renewable energy island and learn from the local community’s experience.

In summer you can visit the Energy Academy, get a tour and take a walk on the energy path.


Strandengen 1, Ballen – Phone: +45 8792 1011 -


Public tours
June 26th – August 16th: Tuesday and Thursday 13.00 – 15.00

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Samsø Erhvervs- og Turistcenter - Langgade 32, Tranebjerg - 8305 Samsø - Tlf. +45 8659 0005 - Mail us via "Contact" in the top-menu